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Wanna know what’s hot in 2022? Check out this list of Top 5 toys in Pakistan!

Children love toys and parents are happy to get them. But where do you go to find your kid’s favorite toys? We’ve compiled into a list of the top 5 toys online. For every season, there has to be new toys that children look forward to buying year after year. Here in this article, we will be focusing on ranking the top 5 toys for kids you should consider buying during the upcoming Summer Holiday season.

Building Toys & Lego 

Lego and other building toys are some of the world’s most popular products. In fact, Lego products and sets were the number 1 best-selling toy. not just for kids – because of it’s versatility or ‘adaptability’ it has become a firm favorite with adults across the World in recent years. And for good reason too! Legos are not just for children to build and play with, they can be used in endless ways, to create models of all kinds, both the practical and artistic.  Over the past few years an adult market for modified toys has started to grow – meaning that now more than ever, high-quality building toys like Legos are accessible to everyone.

If your child is learning how to read or write then they can use a Lego block set to spell out words or build sentences with their favorite characters from movies like Harry Potter or Star Wars – this will really help them learn new vocabulary while playing! Lego is an inexpensive hobby when compared to other options.
You can learn about many different topics with Lego. It’s very versatile – there are endless possibilities. Legos can teach you a lot about architecture and design.

Dancing Cactus Plush Toy

Dancing Cactus is a kid’s favorite Most Popular Toy for Kids in 2022 and also the perfect first toy for babies. Kids will love it!

What’s more awesome than a dancing’ cactus? A plush toy!

It is so helpful to bring joy of life and amicable feelings between the kids and their friends while they are playing together or alone, Cactus electronic shake toy is made of high quality cotton, soft and comfortable. Safe and eco-friendly material, smooth surface, no burrs, no hurting your hands or other object. It has a switch on his back to control the music. After installation of two AA batteries(not included), this shaker toy will intensely shake back and forth with a cute expression on its face in a very funny way when you touch the button on the front, making people crack up laughing. This is a perfect gift for your children or friends, especially for birthday or holiday gift.

INTELLIGENCE Learning Laptop

Angelo Intelligence is a new laptop for kids, meaning it’s the safe alternative to give your children as their first device. Angelo Is The Perfect Laptop For Any Kid Who Wants To Learn, It organizes learning through game-like activities and subjects, just like your own school system. This makes learning easier for kids of all ages!

Classic Jenga Wooden Stacking Tower Game

Have you ever played the game Jenga? It’s a strategically designed wooden stacking tower game that you have to remove blocks without toppling the entire structure. Playing this game will improve your concentration and hand-eye coordination while having an awesome time building your tower taller and taller.

Jenga is great because of its uniqueness. Unlike other games out there, the only thing your opponents can do is make sure that you mess up by taking away from their tower before you do. The best part about Jenga is that it can be played with nearly anyone and requires minimal skill so you aren’t going to have random rules thrown at you.

It’s a fun way to test hand-eye coordination, patience and most importantly, teamwork. Great for any party and also one of the perfect outdoor games.

Remote Controlled TRANSFORMER Toy Car

This remote controlled car is a nice little toy for any kid or adult who loves Transformers. The car appears normal (we do not need to see the inside of it) , and what you need to see is the controller. It is a simple toy, but has a great fun factor bursting out of it. The best thing about this is that unlike most RC cars, this one gives you power with just a single push. There will be nothing to tweak or adjust. This is a perfect gift for any age and makes a great collector’s item. They recommend this toy for ages 14+, but I think that is ridiculous as my children are younger than that and they love playing with it. The remote control car transmits signals through infrared technology which means that you can use it even in low-light conditions without any problem whatsoever. You can also use it indoors as well as outdoors since there is no wire involved in this particular model which makes it very convenient indeed!