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How to Add Products on

To add a product on, you must get yourself register on as a seller. If you are not a seller at then register yourself now and start your very own business with ZERO investment.

Following are the steps to add product on

1. Login your seller account at
2. After logging in your dashboard, drag your cursor on top menu > catalog.
3. Click on ‘add product’ in the drop down menu.
4. In the ‘Name’ tab, write the Product’s name, Model, description and tags.
5. In the ‘Details’ tab, fill all the necessary details asked.
6. Select the appropriate category in the ‘Category’ tab.
7. If you have more product images, add them in ‘Other Images’ tab.
8. In the ‘Option’ tab, you can describe your product more by using further options i.e. color.
9. If you want to make some discount offer to your product viewers, add specials in ‘Special’ tab.
10. Finally click on ‘SAVE’.
11. Once you save the product, it will then be approved by Admin.
12. As soon as the product gets approved, it will be live on portal.