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How Product Scams are affecting the Online Market in Pakistan?

The majority of the people online use the internet as a source of deceiving vulnerable clients or consumers. They provide information that is incorrect and trick people into becoming victims of property, money, clothes or inheritance.

Online scamming occurs in many ways and especially in the digital world today that we live in, it has become more difficult than ever to trust anyone with one’s bank details.

There are many scams in online shopping. Individuals place an order for a product and do not receive the order promised. Even though they have paid the money, they do not receive anything in return. Or sometimes the product is broken, damaged or a few contrivances would be missing.

Some of the products most commonly scammed are supplies for pets, makeup products, skincare products, hair products, glasses, health care and clothing. Scammers charge the credit cards of the customers despite not giving them the orders they asked for.

And the people who complain about the late delivery of the product, or why their product still hasn’t been received by them, they are told excuses by the scammers such as; the product is still being restocked or they are asked to pay the fees for cancellation.

If the clients object, the scammers would make things difficult for them. In the past few years, the percentage of online scamming has doubled.

There are, however, a few of the sites that can be trusted. There are platforms that deliver the right platform. But experts still warn the people about the risks of online scamming.


The CrimeTech and Media investigate the growth in frauds of shopping, a hundred various cases approximately every month.

In the year 2018, legal actions were taken by the police about four hundred and thirty-eight times. In the year 2016, it was only about thirty-five times.

Stealing Extra Cash

Oftentimes, scammers made replica websites of famous brands. Their motive was just to steal cash. They also set up a short time business by bringing up domain names that already exist.

Clients or customers who buy products and things from the online website platforms never receive the products that they have paid for. Or in some cases, they receive products that are broken, and damaged, with a few missing counterparts.

Oftentimes it happens that the scammers steal money from their customer’s bank account. It takes more money than intended for the product bought.

A lot of people do not possess the knowledge to understand the difference between a website that is legitimate and fraud. This is where they go wrong. A buyer should be careful before entering his credit card information while doing an online purchase.

How to protect

They should not enter their information of credit card on a web site that does not have at the start of their URL or address the letters “https”.

But the majority of the websites of e-commerce have started to make themselves protected and secure from scams online.

The e-commerce industry of Pakistan is slowly, but swiftly becoming more safe and secure. However, some people are still afraid of purchasing products online.

If the government want this progress to continue, they must deal with the scammers online with strict punishment and take legal action against anyone who tries to fool an innocent customer.

Social Media Fraud

Worldwide millions of people become the prey of scammers online. With the rise in online shopping in Pakistan, there has been an increase in the activities of fraud in Pakistan.

Not only through the website, but people also scam their customers through businesses online with the use of social media. The same pages attract clients by selling items that are of low-cost such as electronics, clothes, cosmetics, accessories and shoes.

However, when the products are received by the customers, they turn out to be of poor quality from the specifications of the customers.

Another way they scam the people is through not giving the correct house address if the user wants to return the product or file a complaint regarding the scam. And the refuse to give their phone numbers too.

The shopping method through online has made renowned and large-scale companies to buy goods of high-quality for the customer. Several of the companies that are still developing, engage in the actions of misinterpretation, practices of deception and fraud.